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April 2020

Old like the pagoda living just to live

Losing all my rings in place of substance I’m to give

Exist the hell out of old church bells in chiming harmony 

All I know is I’m still here and I just might be me


Heart is running to the north and shipping off to sea

Body’s statuesque in Rome like David and Anthony 

Supercut of my whole life is smudged, the light is low

Branches weave out through the dark and slowly start to grow

Gilded Ships

July 2020

It doesn’t seem like that’s all it takes

To draw a Golden ship through a sea of mistakes

To the coastline where maybe there’s a new beginning

But slaves outwit preachers they can feel the sinning


Days at the beach could be in the future

And I’m treading water can I see the bottom?

If it’s a long way down will it matter to her?

If in 500 years it’s a sonnet you’ve heard?

I spent a lot of time ticking and not rounding through

A broken clock with a heartbeat that’s plenty for two

But my second hand's been missing and that’s made me poor

With the wealth that you give me every second is four


We’ve caught up we’re in tune we’re in sync we’re on track

So let’s save some daylight and roll it on back

Your sweet steady song plays all day in my head

We don’t recognize the face of the clock by my bed


I don’t want every second to turn into four

I’ll freeze the sunset to squeeze out some more

The face of my clock has changed and it’s you

I want to be with at 1:32

February 2021

It could be for a blessing

Is what is blessed always obsessing

Or is it a tribe with the peaceful fishes

Unabashedly undressing


What does it mean to the river with us

Inadvertently religious

If eden's downstream being paid no mind

With eden also left behind


I’m no drownded pharaoh, honey

But lately I need my dreams read

I’ll float down in a basket soon enough

And meet you in the ocean instead

August 2020

Canine Teeth

I may look like a Trojan but I got the eyes of a bard

I don’t want my sword unsheathed

Telling stories ain’t twice as hard

As picturing me with canine teeth


Run the clock above my bed

Forward, quickly, lotus leaf

Skip past the vanished second hand

I want to lose my canine teeth


Age is sharply there, incise

Largely late in disbelief

Let my mouth breathe silhouettes

Of my own fucking canine teeth


September 2022

Drop a bead along my back, no

Pour a cloud, better yet

Move me with it, here to stay

Rain smells sweet and tastes like sweat

'Twas not the hill that bred the man

In captivation, to the top

Perhaps green pastures spurs the fan

Not his strength but with a rock

Let me look back in disgust

And sweat the salt out, to the dust

The lavender is but a gust

Embedded in the upper crust

Let it lie of green down there

For Sisyphus to feel of use

I'll take my lavender raincloud

Sweat is sweet and so profuse

June 2021

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